“Please don’t call me arrogant…I think I’m a Special One”. In the year 2004, a short Portuguese man, who had never lived in England walked into a press conference and stunned the world with these words. His name was Jose Mario Dos Santos Mourinho, and he had just landed a job to coach one of England’s biggest football clubs Chelsea Football Club.

He was relatively unknown to the English Media, he was some sort of a gamble by Chelsea owner Roman Abrahamovic and he had come to the most competitive league in the entire world.

He was just about 40 years old (which is a young age if you are a football coach) and he was claiming to be ‘…a Special One’.

At the end of his first season with Chelsea, Jose Mourinho won the English Premier League (the top trophy in English football) and won it again in his second year. Today, Jose Mourinho is one of the most successful coaches in world football and everybody calls him “The Special One”.

Every time opposing coaches play against him, they are always scared. They are scared, not just because of how good he is, but because of how good he says he is. I respect him a lot because he has utilized one of the greatest principles in life.

I remember the first time I had the opportunity to talk to a very important celebrity. It was over a text. I sent him a text and he replied me and added ‘sir’ to the reply. I was so shocked, so I sent him a message, “I’m not a Sir, I’m your boy”. And so it was for me, he treated me like his boy until I stepped up my game. I thought I was being humble, I didn’t know I was selling myself cheap. I have learnt my lesson since then.

You see, people don’t know who you are until you tell them who you are. The way you carry yourself, what you say about yourself is what people will soon start attaching to you. You have been empowered to be the Chief Branding Officer and Chief Advertising Manager of your life.

You have been empowered to be the Chief Branding Officer and Chief Advertising Manager of your life.

‘what you call yourself is what people will call you’.

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