Last year, about $380 Billion was spent on online advertising by brands all over the world. Up to $150 Billion of that money did not generate the desired result for the brands that paid for them. That’s a lot of money spent without returns.

To put it into perspective, Nigeria’s 2020 budget was $35 Billion. So people wasted up to 4 years’ worth of Nigeria’s budget on ineffective advertising in 2020 alone.

If nothing changes, by 2024, $240 Billion will be wasted on advertising, without getting results. Money gone like that, pooooof!

That’s why we have come in to save…

Have you ever walked into a boutique or a supermarket like Shoprite or Walmart to bargain the price of a product? No!

Why not?

Because they look organized and very well packaged that you automatically believe that whatever they’re selling is worth the price.

You also tend to trust them more, because they have a brand to protect. They don’t look random. They look standard.

That’s exactly what your brand will look like to your customers when you have a proper e-Commerce website, instead of just doing business with DMs. You look more packaged and more trustworthy.

So your excuse…

Sharing the logic behind our Product.

“Everybody, bring out your laptops”, I said. A few people reached for their bags and brought out their laptops, whilst the bulk of the people stared at me as if they hadn’t heard what I had said. Of course, I had expected this to happen. This wasn’t my first or second or third seminar for small businesses, so I knew what the outcome of that statement would be.

“ Me I don’t have a laptop o. I saw on the registration link that we should come with laptops, but I couldn’t find anybody to…

Lagos, Nigeria, July 5, 2021. Stanbuzz is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website at for businesses and brands that need to run effective marketing campaigns.

Anyone interested in reducing their inefficiency in advert spend can head over to the new website, which contains tons of resources that are sure to help
businesses discover the right marketing strategies that will work for them and
eventually improve their returns.

“The epiphany we had was that more money was being wasted on ineffective advertising than the entire budget of Nigeria for 2021.” Said Stanbuzz CEO, Bolu Oluwagbesan.

“The data…

in this video, Stanbuzz CEO Bolu Oluwagbesan shares on what Stanbuzz is..

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Help people around you; save their businesses and still earn from doing it.

Bill Gates once said; “if your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”. That statement is one of our driving forces at Storemia. Our goal is to make it easy for small businesses to have a compelling presence on the internet. We think it’s a bit too risky to only have social media as your source of online presence. What happens if any of your social media accounts gets banned?

Today we’re launching the Storemia Affiliate Program, so that more…

The Benefits of Using Storemia

Storemia helps you create your E-commerce Store, with sophisticated tools, but without any stress. No need to be able to code or design. Anybody can start with Storemia in 5 minutes.

Create Catalogues

Select multiple images to create catalogue within a minute and send it to your web shop or customers. You can add the price of each product or a price of a group of products, all from your mobile phone.

Custom domain and Facebook Pixel

Storemia gives you the power to run conversion adverts on Facebook. You can get your Facebook Pixel from you ad account and place it in…

acquiring paying users before launching our product

When my Co-founder, Anu, did a small Whatsapp lecture on a group packed with small businesses, we definitely weren’t expecting much. We had just built out the mobile app for Storemia and we still were trying to fix a thing or two with it. What Anu did right, in hindsight, was sharing about Storemia and leaving a few links for the businesses to try us out.

Up to a hundred businesses registered on Storemia in the 72 hours after that Whatsapp lecture. Then some more businesses registered in the coming days from God…

One of the first challenges a new business faces, before any other, is its naming. It’s the rite of passage of every business. Every baby has their naming ceremony and what that baby will be called for the rest of their lives is determined that day.

But it becomes even a bigger challenge if you are a tech startup. First, you have to come up with the name, then you have to check that the .com or .co version of the domain is available, or at least the .ng or .africa as the case may be for your product.


“This life I can’t kill myself

I can’t kill myself ohhh

I can’t kill myself

Allow me to flex oh

This life I can’t kill myself

I can’t kill myself ohhh

I can’t kill myself

Allow me to flex oh”

— Timaya.

I was going through a burnout in the middle of 2019. I was completely stressed up from work and other things I was trying to achieve. Then I came across this song on Instagram. It was written and sung by Nigerian singer Inetimi Timaya Odon, popularly known as Timaya.

The song was posted on Instagram accompanied with…

Bolu Oluwagbesan

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